Keeping You In The Know


You may have noticed a slight increase in prices on our Nail Polishes and the Eyeshadow Helper. We want to be as honest as possible with you about these changes, so here’s what’s shakin’:

Price increases happen all the time in the cosmetic industry. Companies bump up prices little by little, to keep up with the inflation yearly – most people don’t notice it. We’ve chosen to keep our prices the same for the last 3 years. Why? Because we know you work hard for your money. Because a lot of our fans are on a budget. Because we wanted everybody to be able to afford Lime Crime, even if it meant we had to eat the difference!

However, the cost of raw materials, packaging and labor climbed steadily throughout the years, and in order to continue with the same quality & to keep our production here in the U.S., we had to increase our Primer and Nail Polishes by a few dollars. We figured you’d prefer that.

There will be more increases coming to the rest of the line this fall. Don’t worry, we promise it won’t be anything outrageous & we will definitely give you a heads-up before it happens! We hope you continue enjoying our Cruelty-Free, Vegan makeup and supporting our independent brand.
Lime Crime